Michelle Bakker (Psychologist)



Michelle Bakker (Psycholoog)

Website: www.michellebakker.eu
Email: bakkermichelle@hotmail.com
Phone: 06-14360567

Stress, we all experience it from time to time. However, when we are exposed to it for too long and too much, our system can overheat. We no longer get out of fight-or-flight mode. We no longer get to a state of rest.

This can bring a huge variety of symptoms that are often underestimated. Examples include: brain fog, severe headaches, a stuck neck, palpitations, hyperventilation, sleep problems, gastrointestinal problems, menopausal issues, autism spectrum disorder, tinnitus, and permanently unfulfilled desire for children. In addition, emotions are often poorly regulated, making us feel out of control.

As a psychologist specialising in stress issues, I can help you with these problems. Together, we will look for the source of the stress. We will work on the problems that can be removed and learn to accept the other problems for as long as they are still present. Remember that it is always temporary, even if it feels like an eternity. It really does pass!

I work with the Acceptance and Commitment method when it comes to dealing with symptoms. Here, you learn to accept the symptoms and work on becoming more resilient through a stronger self-image and acting from conviction. In addition, I teach you ways to relax and we look at what other methods and techniques work for you. These include supplements, peer contact, medication or muscle relaxant botox for tension headaches. Within the practice, you can also see the acupuncturist, body-oriented therapist, ayurvedic therapist and occupational therapist.

After an HBO in Social Pedagogical Assistance, I started studying Psychology at Leiden University. I completed this with a Master's degree in Social and Organisational Psychology. I have been working in social work since 2001, where I have experienced a wide range of people, problems and backgrounds. Every contact is unique and I am grateful to be able to experience that.