Group activities


At Therapeutisch Centrum Leiden, we extend our therapeutic services to include group participation therapies. Engaging in group sessions offers a unique advantage, providing individuals with the opportunity to practice both 'old' and 'new' behaviours within diverse dynamics and social processes. The group setting fosters a robust supportive environment, enhancing trust, safety and the cultivation of authenticity.

Explore our current group therapy options below:


Group therapy or training provides valuable insights into establishing meaningful connections with both others and oneself within the context of interpersonal relationships. These sessions focus on addressing social anxiety, understanding and communicating personal boundaries, navigating the distinction between 'me' and 'you,' exploring vulnerability and resilience, and cultivating the courage to acknowledge and express emotions. A secure group environment is an ideal space for delving into interpersonal challenges and experimenting with novel behaviours.

For additional details and to explore the possibility of participation, please don't hesitate to reach out to Roy Kamienchik and/or Frank Hillebrand.

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness, drawing inspiration from Buddhism, is a practice that directs your attention towards thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

The essence lies in observing and accepting without judgement. By doing so, you liberate yourself from the incessant stream of thoughts, fostering a sense of calm and gentleness. Mindfulness has proven effective in alleviating stress and depressive feelings.

At Therapeutisch Centrum Leiden, we currently provide Mindfulness training and workshops in various formats. For additional details and registration, please reach out to Sandra Bauwens.