Fanny Tahalele (Grief and body-oriented therapist)



Fanny (Rouw- en lichaamsgericht therapeut)


Phone: 06-36308734

I am Fanny. At the Therapeutisch Centrum Leiden, you can come to me for guidance aimed at grief and loss, energetic treatments and bodywork (trauma processing through breathwork).

At some point in your life, you will lose something or someone you are attached to. Think for instance of a partner, a family member, an (unborn) child, a job, your health, your home country or a certain future expectation. A loss has an impact on your life. Also physically and mentally. A loss that is not processed settles in your body and can lead to various health problems that can hinder your life.

In my counselling, I help you reflect on your loss, the impact it has on your life and help you move forward. Because every person is different, I do this in a way that suits you.

You can also come to me if you have not suffered a loss but have psychological or physical ailments. Besides a physical body, you also have an energy body. Issues also manifest as blockages in your energy body. By detecting and removing these blockages, I support your body's self-healing capacity. I am trained in various energetic healing techniques; depending on what is going on, I use one or more of these techniques.

If you recognise yourself in one or more of the following situations, and want to do something about it, please contact me without obligation:

  • you have suffered a loss (person, job, health etc);
  • you cry easily;
  • you react emotionally;
  • you cannot concentrate;
  • you have a "full" head;
  • you are overtired;
  • you can't get yourself to do activities;
  • you don't feel like doing anything;
  • you feel lonely;
  • you are gloomy;
  • you are angry;
  • you are completely stuck;
  • you experience less joy in your life;
  • you sleep badly or not at all;
  • your body hurts in one or more places;
  • you suffer from "vague" physical symptoms.

You can reach me at the following number: 06-36308734.

My rates are:

  • Grief and loss counselling: EUR 90.00 per hour
  • Energetic treatment: EUR 120.00 (1- 1.5 hours)
  • Bodywork: EUR 240.00 (2.5-3 hours)

I am a member of CAT.