Leonie Zandbergen (Body-oriented coach & massage therapist)



Leonie Zandbergen (Lichaamsgericht coach & massagetherapeut)

Email: leonie.balanzmassage@gmail.com
Phone: 06-45384728

Are you stuck and can't get out on your own? I will help you on your way in the right direction. My name is Leonie Zandbergen. I am a (trauma) coach, and trained at Holos Academy for Massage Therapy. I work from a holistic perspective, and see a deep connection between psychological and physical symptoms. I am currently doing post-graduate training as a therapist at SAU (specialism Domestic Violence). As a coach, I guide people with different types of symptoms, including trauma-related symptoms. Trauma often affects the brain and nervous system. I am trained in a method centred on the work of trauma expert Janina Fisher.

(Complex) trauma causes you to lose connection with yourself, and as a result, with the world around you. I can support you in the process of reconnecting with yourself. My approach is body-oriented. By engaging the body's restorative capacity, I can reconnect you with your own autonomy, vitality and aliveness. There is plenty of space and understanding for your story.

I also have experience counselling people who have encountered psychological (emotional) abuse. This may have been caused by growing up in a very unsafe family situation, or in a destructive partner relationship. I know from experience that it is important, that you can tell your story in a place where it feels safe. It is important to start acknowledging and feeling what you have been through.

Do you suffer (due to trauma or other causes) from symptoms such as:

  • negative self-image
  • loss of sense of future/hopelessness
  • indifference
  • depression
  • anxiety/panic attacks
  • distrust/hypervigilance
  • emotional overwhelm or difficulty feeling (emotions)
  • sleep problems
  • physical tension issues

Then contact me for an informal intake, you can also come to me for other similar issues! In consultation, we can design a coaching programme that focuses on your personal situation and recovery. Because psychological issues/trauma often translate into physical issues, it is possible to include (energetic) relaxation massages in the coaching programme. It is also possible to make a separate appointment for a relaxation massage.