Marjan van Veen (Haptotherapist)



Marjan van Veen (Haptotherapeut)

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In haptotherapy, the body is the source of information, it stores emotional experiences that we are not always consciously aware of. Through a combination of talking, experiential exercises and touch, haptotherapy touches what is going on inside you. It brings you back to a state of feeling and to your own feelings. It provides insight into how you move in life and what you experience. Both literally and figuratively. Are you driven by beliefs, expectations of others? Or by your own feelings, an inner movement. By experiencing, you can discover how you approach things, or how you deal with them, learn to recognise the signals from your body. For example: How do you deal with pressure and how do you deal with boundaries?

That is what fascinates me about my profession. Listening to people's stories, walking with them for a while and making them aware of what is going on and how the body reacts to it, often unconsciously. It is the physical touch that makes the profession so valuable. The body is paused for a moment and receives attention again. Space is needed to recognise, acknowledge and process feelings, emotions and/or physical blockages. If you become aware of the signals from your body and can listen to them, free movement can arise within yourself. You reconnect with yourself, your environment and the world around you.

In 2010, I, Marjan, started my haptonomy practice in the Stevenshof in Leiden. After 14 years, I chose a different workplace at Therapeutisch Centrum Leiden. Years before, I worked as a lawyer in the business world. Over the years, my interest in the functioning of the human body and the connection between body and mind was sparked. How your body expresses how you feel and what is going on inside you. How things can come to a standstill due to events such as overload, illness, dismissal, grief and sadness. And also how it can bounce back and start moving again afterwards. That doesn't always happen automatically, which I know from my own experience. In such cases it is useful to have someone present to guide you and help you get back on track. That's how I discovered haptotherapy and the Niek Brouw Developmental Motor Method.

In my treatments I sometimes also use the Niek Brouw method. This method is characterised by simple physical exercises. The posture and movement exercises are based on the development of human motor skills, from newborn to adult.


Haptotherapy is suitable if you:

  • understand mentally what is going on, but still cannot move forward;
  • suffer pain, stress or burnout symptoms
  • have difficulty saying no (or yes)
  • often makes you behave small or feel small
  • get stuck in your work or private life
  • you are not feeling well in yourself
  • struggle with conflicts
  • have difficulty making choices
  • recurring injuries 
  • haptotherapy for cancer
  • long-term (vague) physical symptoms

My treatments are partially reimbursed by most health insurers from the additional insurance. An employer may also be willing to cover (part of) the costs; ask your employer about the options.