Martine Stroes (Occupational therapist)



Martine Stroes (Ergotherapeut)

Phone: 06-11280226 (Wed/Fri)

As a psychosomatic occupational therapist, I work from first line healthcare with people with various problems such as:

  • persistent pain (e.g. fibromyalgia, back problems, post-concussion syndrome, arm-neck-shoulder pain)
  • fatigue (e.g. CFS/ME, (threatening) burnout, post-covid, MS, cancer, sleep problems)
  • stress-related issues
  • delayed or complicated recovery after a physical illness
  • combinations of the above

I offer psychosomatic occupational therapy, as well as sleep training using the Sounder Sleep method.

Occupational therapy is a paramedical form of treatment that focuses on the performance of daily activities. The focus is not on the condition or reducing symptoms of the disease, but on coping with the consequences for daily tasks and roles.

As an occupational therapist working psychosomatically, I specialise in supporting obstacles resulting, for example, from chronic pain and fatigue and/or stress-related complaints, or when recovery or coping with the condition is complicated by complicating circumstances.

As a sleep trainer, I offer short-term coaching and training to improve sleep continuity and quality. This can either be part of paramedical treatment or non-paramedic group training.

  • take charge of your daily activities and your life
  • (re)find balance in your daily tasks
  • learn to cope with reduced workload
  • gradually build up your capacity and resume tasks and roles
  • in (re)finding meaningful activities
  • in (re)finding your own resilience and resources for recovery
  • in gaining insight into persistent factors of pain and/or fatigue
  • learn to relax during the day
  • learn what you can do to improve your sleep
  • I work in Leiden on Wednesday and Friday
  • On Wednesday and on Friday afternoon, home treatment is possible in Leiden, Oegstgeest, Sassenheim, Warmond and Voorhout
  • I am a member of the Paramedics Quality Register
  • Occupational therapy is reimbursed under the basic health insurance; I have contracts with all health insurers.

For reimbursement, referral, contact and further information, see the website.