Suman Natarajan (Ayurvedic therapist)



Suman Natarajan (Ayurvedisch therapeut)

Phone: 06-38545112

My name is Suman Natarajan (1967). I am an Ayurveda therapist. Although I grew up in the Netherlands, my roots are in India. I have always been interested in healing and health. Initially, I wanted to focus on environment and health within the framework of development cooperation.

I studied International Relations in England and was subsequently employed for several years at Oxfam Novib, among others. In 1996, after undergoing an intensive Ayurvedic treatment programme myself that literally changed my life, I started my own training in Ayurvedic body treatments (Panchakarma) and Marma therapy. Subsequently, I trained as an Ayurveda therapist.

In 2005, I set up my practice for Body-centred Ayurveda therapy. Ayurveda is a system of medicine that originated in India and has a very ancient history. It is a holistic naturopathic system in which body, soul and mind are seen as one and treated as one when ill. According to Ayurveda, we are born with a unique make-up that manifests itself in our body and our way of being in life (our character and nature). This is our basic constitution. Through experiences and influences from our immediate environment and the outside world, we can lose our connection to our original constitution. This brings us out of balance. This imbalance can eventually make us psycho-emotionally and physically unwell. Ayurveda aims to provide support and guidance in reconnecting with our unique basic constitution, thereby improving psycho-emotional and physical health.


My practice is open to anyone (including children) who, for example, experiences stress and tension symptoms, has chronic physical issues such as digestive problems or fatigue, is emotionally or spiritually stuck. I can also offer guidance for people who want to eat and live differently to feel more vital.

My specialism within the range of Ayurvedic treatments are as follows:

  • Body massage with Ayurvedic herbal oils for vitality, cleansing and balancing body and mind;
  • Coaching and guidance through conversation and where appropriate, light touch on vital (marma) points in the body;
  • Energy and chakra work: balancing body energy;
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice based on Ayurvedic principles.

For more information, please visit my website or call me at 0638545112.