Roy Kamienchik (Psychologist)



Roy Kamienchik (Psycholoog)

My name is Roy and I have a master’s degree in both clinical as well as social-organizational psychology. I provide individual therapy for adults. Based on my education and trainings I use an integrative approach with a focus on cognitive-behavioral interventions, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema-Therapy and psychodynamic methods.

I grew up in Israel where I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology and film studies, and my first master’s degree in social-organizational psychology. I moved to the Netherlands where I completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology at Leiden University. I have attained significant experience in a variety of clinical settings both in Israel and the Netherlands. Alongside my clinical work, I have worked for several consultancy firms as an organizational psychologist, mostly focusing on NGO’s.

I offer treatment in English, Dutch, and Hebrew.

I am a registered psychologist at the Ministry of Health in Israel and in the Netherlands I am a registered NIP psychologist (Nederlandse Instituut van Psychologen). My services are reimbursed by several insurers. Contact me and I will be glad to provide further information.

More about my style and approach:
As a therapist I do my best to create a warm and safe environment. The therapy sessions becomes a unique, and personalized space. In this space I do my best for you to feel understood, validated and be able to bring your own unique outlooks and terminology in the process of healing, coping with hardships and growing.

I aspire to assist the people I see to gain better awareness and deeper insights into their hardships, suffering, patterns of behavior and thinking. I take an integrative approach inspired by both my ongoing process of education and experience in the field as well as by my passions: art, philosophy, music, dancing, cinema, photography, nature and the meaningful connections with the people in my life.

My approach is also integrative in the sense that it is collaborative. Namely, I strive to help my clients bring their own passions, ideals an inner world terminology in the therapy, and in doing so having the agency in leading their process of growth.

I believe that therapy extends beyond the therapy session, which means that I would do my best to remain present and available for you in between our sessions in moments where extra support, guidance and reassurance are needed.

I wish you a fruitful and meaningful process of therapy.