Simone Verhage (Psychologist)



Simone Verhage (Psycholoog)

As a psychologist, I like to help you experience more structural peace and self-confidence. I teach you to stay close to yourself for lasting results. People come to me with various complaints and problems. You can think of:

  • Having negative thoughts and gloom, not feeling good about yourself, feeling like things are getting too much for you
  • Feelings of insecurity, tension or anxiety
  • Being emotionally unbalanced: often irritable, angry or sad. Not always knowing why that is or how to resolve it
  • Negative self-image, self-criticism and shame
  • Stress, burn out or lack of energy
  • Difficulty getting out of your head, brooding, worrying and/or sleeping badly
  • Physical complaints such as fatigue, headache, abdominal pain, etc

After your message of application, we first get to know each other by phone. At the intake, we deepen your request for help and discuss how we are going to reach solutions for it. During the sessions, together we gain more insight into the patterns that have developed throughout your life and the emotions, thoughts and behaviours that arise from them. In treatment, I integrate several forms of treatment so that it suits you and your needs. For instance, I like to work solution-oriented using body-oriented therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and compassion.

On the one hand, I teach you to gain insight into your thoughts and feelings in situations where you encounter difficulties and help you deal with them differently; by thinking, feeling and/or acting differently. On the other hand, I work with the wisdom of the body, so that you become (again) aware of the information from your body; so that you get more in touch with your feelings, become aware of what feels right for you and what doesn't, remove blockages and how you can deal with (repressed) emotions.

I always connect with your request for help. Because you really live through it during the session and gain personal insights, this ensures that the new insights stick in your daily life, so you can lead your life again with peace and confidence.


Soon I will start a number of training programmes. They are group programmes to get more peace of mind, learn to deal with feelings such as sadness, anger or stress and treat yourself more from compassion rather than shame and self-criticism.

More information about individual therapy or group training can be found at: You can then immediately schedule a telephone consultation with me.